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How Does it Work?

The ins- and outs and things you need to know...

"I would love to add real strings to my songs, but...."


Challenge 1: We don't have the time or resources


Time & budget limitations sometimes make it impossible to hire a real string quartet,

let alone an orchestra. 

Writing for strings, hiring players or an orchestra and recording them takes time and is costly.

For more then 25 years now, people have been hiring me as a session player. I have played on hundreds of CD's. This usually meant traveling at least some distance to a studio, listen to the song, read the music I had to play and performing it in the shortest time possible. Because both the studio and the people involved are costing money.



Challenge 2: We need a great string arrangement


Writing a great string arrangement is both time consuming and requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. An often heard question is: "I played these strings on my synth, but I would like to have a more natural feel to it. Can you double up the string parts for me, please?".


Sure I can. But while the strings do sound a lot better with a few real violins layered on top of a sample, I can never help thinking that it would be sounding so much better with a proper arrangement and with real viola's, celli and possibly double bass. It can literally transform a song into, as one of my clients put it, a piece of music of 'timeless beauty'.


After doing this for more then 25 years, I am still learning every time I write, and I still study orchestration and arranging. My experience and knowledge of writing for strings & full orchestra gives you the guarantee that I will produce a sound that suits your music.




"Even the best sample library cannot replace the expression and the unique 
musical personality that every musician contributes to your music".


If there is one instrument that is an expression of the heart, soul and spirit of a musician and hence of the music he or she plays, it is a stringed instrument. And I assure you: it does make all the difference to the listener to hear a live person!




My Solution makes it happen!


With the above things in mind, I am offering a unique service now to add beautifully arranged, played and recorded strings to your music. And make it affordable at the same time!


How does it work?

  1. After we have discussed some details of your project so I have a good idea of what to expect, you send me the song(s) you want me to add strings to by e-mailing MP3's or any other format you work with.

  2. I write a 4-6 part string arrangement and record a demo using midi samples for you to listen to.

  3. I send you the demo via email for you to evaluate what I have done.

  4. I make changes in the arrangement if necessary.

  5. I record the final parts, usually doubling every part 2-4 times using different violins, microphones and recording positions. If necessary, I bring in a top cello and/or bass player.

  6. If you want a really big sound, I double everything up using top quality orchestral samples.

  7. I send you the recorded parts using YouSendIt, WeTransfer, Gobbler or any other service you prefer. I always include a great sounding strings-only mix for your convenience, and to give you a good example of my ideas. A lot of producers choose to use this version in their final mix.

  8. We are done!


How much does all of this cost?
Of course this depends greatly on the length of the song and how complicated your song or musical piece is. But to give you an idea, for a typical 3-4 minute popular song, costs for a full 4/5-part arrangement, all inclusive would vary between 450-650 euro's. Smaller arrangements start around 250 euro's.

Package deals if I do more than 4 arrangements are also possible. Please get in touch for a quote! I would love to see how we can make it work within your budget and possibilities.


Need an orchestration or score? Please get in touch via the contact page.

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